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The appearance of Garth would have been stunning on its own, but it was augmented by soulful performances by many other musical luminaries, all connected by this timeless music, including Jackson Browne, Syd Straw, Van Dyke Parks, Terry Reid, Peter Case, Carlene Carter, Victoria Williams, Sister Maud, Jerry Riopelle, Cindy Lee Berryhill, David Baerwald, Nick Guzman, Peter Holsapple, Julianna Raye, Sarah Kramer and many others.

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One of them is Nick Guzman, a 27-year-old singer-songwriter who has played autism benefits alongside Stephen Stills and Neil Young, in addition to counting himself a proud Wild Honey regular. Nick and his mom, Christinna, both say that one of the greatest ways the Wild Honey Orchestra have improved Nick’s life is by surrounding him with amazing musicians who are also wonderful people, wanting to share the full depth and breadth of Nick’s interest in this life-affirming music.

Carnie Wilson, Susan Cowsill, Al Jardine Rock Glendale’s Alex Theatre

Carney Wilson, Thomas Walsh and Rob Laufer - Photo © 2016 Donna Balancia

Carnie Wilson, Thomas Walsh and Rob Laufer – Photo © 2016 Donna Balancia

By DONNA BALANCIA – The Beach Boys left their mark on music, but Wild Honey Orchestra and friends brought it to life last night.

Musicians from near and far performed a with the Wild Honey Orchestra which holds its annual charity concert. The Tribute to the Beach Boys 1967-77 was a benefit for Autism Think Tank and Childrens Music Fund.

Carnie Wilson, Al and Matt Jardine, Susan Cowsill, and a host of other well-known rockers took the stage at the Alex Theatre in Glendale and put on an unforgettable show.

Nick Guzman performs

Nick Guzman performs “I Can Hear Music” – Photo © 2016 Donna Balancia

Some of the most known but least performed songs were the highlight of the evening as Jardine kicked off the night with “Heroes and Villains,” and Nick Guzman followed up with “I Can Hear Music.”

It was a night of memories and “good vibrations” for those who were around or even heard tell of the late 1960s and 1970s.  Some familiar faces from TV and radio in that era were on hand to help contribute to the night of charity.

Micky Dolenz, known for his antics on the TV show “The Monkees,” and Bill Mumy, who played Will Robinson on “Lost In Space” were on hand to sing some tunes.

But the women stole the show as Carney Wilson, Susan Cowsill and Carla Olson took the stage and didn’t let go.

Wilson, the daughter of Brian Wilson gregariously carried duets and wore her 1960s-style hat. Olson, founder of the Textones, sported that latest in Texas-style attire with white shirt and bolo-style tie.

Susan Cowsill singing

Susan Cowsill singing “Sail On Sailor” at Beach Boys tribute – Photo © 2016 Donna Balancia

But Cowsill — yes of the famous Cowsill family — hit a high note with her emotional version of “Sail on Sailor” that had the audience singing along.

If you want to learn more about The Cowsills see East Coast Rocker’s interview with her brother, Bob Cowsill.

You can go to the web and find some old episodes of The Partridge Family, which was modeled after the famous first family of ’60s song.


Benefit for the Autism Think Tank & Children's Music Fund to take place 
February 13th at the Alex Theatre
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Nick was amazing and killed it that night and I was so proud of him!!

I STILL get his song stuck in my head all the time! It was epic!!

Watching and listening to Nick fills me up with pure joy. His voice is uniquely angelic. His music is direct, honest and real. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

We are currently working on a recording project for Social Thinking.  They are a company that writes curriculum for people on the autism spectrum and approached us to write an album's worth of material for their comic book series. 
Nick came to this project highly recommended and we could not be happier with his participation.  A professional in every way, Nick brings a  tremendous spirit to this project along with his great vocal chops, talent and a wonderful easy going personality.  We look forward to working with him, again and again and again.

Sidonie Jordan: Reminds me of a small gig I was at in L.A. many years ago where my boyfriend Wayne Berry and his band Timber were playing. On the line up that night was a young singer with a guitar. HIs name was Jackson Browne. He became a good friend and I think Wayne helped him get a leg up in the business. He blew us away. Nick reminds me of him...hope he is just as successful!

Throughout the night, gifted young musicians on the autistic spectrum appeared: ... and Nick Guzman on guitar and vocals for "Am I Trembling," looking a bit like early Neil Young with his heavy muttonchops.

Nick's song, "Am I Trembling?" sounds GREAT!!! Love, love, love it. Stephen Stills too.

It brought me so much joy to see Nick Guzman in his element (performing at the Wild Honey Orchestra - White Album concert) - so talented and gifted - his light shines when he's onstage!! XO

While Neil Young has made it clear he'll never perform with Crosby, Stills and Nash again, when his buddy Stephen Stills comes calling the Canadian rocker usually accepts the charges. Stephen and his wife Kristen have put together a benefit concert for Autism Speaks dubbed "Light Up The Blues" and both Stephen Stills himself and Neil Young are among the artists expected to perform at The Hollywood Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles on April 25.


Jack Black of Tenacious D fame will emcee the third annual Light Up The Blues concert which in addition to Stills and Young will feature Shawn Colvin, The White Buffalo, Steve Earle and Chris Stills. Also performing are three artists with autism: Spencer Harte featuring Petra Haden, Nick Guzman and Matt Savage.

Tickets go on sale this morning at 10 a.m. PT via Ticketmaster.

Here's more info via a press release:

The April 25th event spotlights Light It Up Blue, Autism Speaks’ annual global awareness and fundraising campaign, which is celebrated by the international autism community on April 2nd, World Autism Awareness Day, and throughout Autism Awareness Month in April. Light Up The Blues will celebrate the many gifts of individuals with autism, while supporting Autism Speaks in their mission to raise awareness and support their successful advocacy on behalf of all those who navigate through the journey of Autism. Proceeds from the Light Up The Blues Concert will go towards Autism Speaks’ research and advocacy efforts for families and individuals impacted by the disorder.

“We are so thrilled to be doing this benefit for the third time and, this year, at the iconic Pantages Theatre. The last two years’ Light Up The Blues benefits were such incredible, life-changing events for all involved. We are so grateful to be able to bring such a special night of music to the entire community and to support Autism Speaks,” said Kristen & Stephen Stills.

“It is a night to celebrate the gifts of music and community,” Autism Speaks’ President Liz Feld said. “Autism sings again! Light Up the Blues is home to the most special talent we have – from Stephen Stills and Neil Young to Matt Savage.”

Another standout performance was Nick Guzman performing "Almost Cut My Hair"-he has a great voice, plays his acoustic guitar beautifully and has professional stage presence. Rock on Nick-you were awesome!

Beginning excerpts from the article:

This guest post is by musician Nick Guzman who has autism and played at Autism Speaks' Light Up the Blues event in Los Angeles.

One of the first songs I learned to play on guitar was "Helplessly Hoping" when I was 11 years old. I have always loved the sound of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Fast forward to 2011 when Elaine Hall called my house to ask if I would like to perform for the Miracle Project at an event called “Autism is Awesomeism”. This is when I got to meet Stephen Stills and Jack Black at the Grove in Los Angeles. I played Ray LaMontagne’s “Beg, Steal or Borrow” and after I walked off stage Jack Black told me I sounded like Neil Young! It was a huge surprise that later that day I was asked to perform “Helplessly Hoping" with Stephen Stills himself, along with Lexi Aaron from the Miracle Project. What an amazing experience!


Beginning excerpts from the article:

During rehearsals for the Crosby, Stills & Nash concert in Los Angeles on April 13, Crosby's wife Jan Dance stepped out to take a quick break. Hearing the Grammy and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members working their way through their repertoire of folk rock classics, Dance hummed and nodded along.

As her husband launched into his 1969 signature hit, "Almost Cut My Hair," Dance decided it was time to rejoin the band. But when she opened the stage door at Club Nokia, Dance did a double-take.

There, just to the right of Stills and Nash, confidently strumming an acoustic guitar and singing lead, stood not her husband but another musician entirely. Saratoga resident Nick Guzman, 23, was belting out the lyrics in a voice and style nearly identical to Crosby's original.

Excerpt from the article:

After the intermission, a teenager named Nick Guzman effectively took center stage on guitar to perform the defiant CSN&Y chestnut, "Almost Cut My Hair," which brought the house down. Stills' playing gave the song a desperate, soaring edge that represented one of the night's highlights.


Excerpt from the article:

Next up was ... Nick Guzman, who strummed guitar and belted CSN’s hit “Almost Cut My Hair.” With his Crosby-esque vocal — and long locks appropriate for the tune — Guzman’s performance was a true testament to the success of The Miracle Project, an organization formed to provide autistic performers with opportunities to express themselves in the creative arts.

Excerpt from the article:

The schedule was also broken up with courageous performances by members of the Miracle Project Fly Singers, a group of teens and young adults with autism and other special needs. Rio Wyles, Lexington Aaron and Nick Guzman all delighted the audience with their performances, particularly Guzman’s version of CSN’s “Almost Cut My Hair.”

NICK GUZMAN IS AN EXTRAORDINARY MUSICIAN, a kind hearted soul and a blessing to the planet. When he played with the rock great Stephen Stills, Nick was Amazing! What a talent!

NICK GUZMAN IS A YOUNG MAN WITH MUSICAL TALENT. From the first time I heard him sing at my film camp in San Jose CA, I could hear he had the gift. With each passing year at the camps I could see his development and I have encouraged him to continue his passion for performing music. This is why my friend Jeff Lass and I co wrote the song "Since We're Friends" for Nick as a signature song to help promote his career.

I believe Nick will go far in his career of musical performance and I am pleased to have had him as a continuing student in my film camps for four consecutive years. It's been great to see his growth and development as he is a testament for all people to believe in yourself.


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